WinAmp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT. WinAmp supports MP3, MP2, CD, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom interfaces called skins and audio visualization and audio effect plug ins. WinAmp is shareware, so download WinAmp, try it and then kindly register your copy.



Real Audio

Real Audio is a program that allows real-time playback of audio across the internet using a 28.8 Kbps modem connection. Listen to your favorite music, radio stations, weather, news, and special events live through your home PC. 
With Real Audio you can listen to your favorite live events. 




Radio Stations

Real Audio Sites 

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The midi archive is a collection of midi files sorted by artist. Feel free to search through them and play
them. Enjoy.


Midi Players

Has a CD-player-like interface, complete with digital timer and no repeat, repeat once, and continuous repeat functions. In Open mode, it works like the Windows Media Player opening and playing one file at a time. In List mode, you put together lists of multiple MIDI files to play back-to-back, repeating as many lists as you want. The program can be minimized on the system tray and can be easily made your default MIDI player. Also supports WAV and AVI files. 

Most of us have an extensive library of MIDI files, and to play them we have to select one at a time and play it in Media Player. Now, you can select a list of MIDIs, save the list you pick, and play them in a loop. Many other interface options are included, including color selection, saving the colors you pick, and so forth.

32-bit MIDI player that enables users to organize their MIDI files in libraries, arrange them in a multifunctional      Play List. MidiMaster can also play any MIDI files in ZIP archives using its internal UNZIP capabilities. Its enhanced user interface also makes your MIDI resources substantially available. MidiMaster is often said as the best Midi player on this planet! Other media file playing like WAV, AVI, Quicktime and RMI are also supported.
Wave Players

A cool WAV player.

WAVmaker 2.5 for Windows 95 and NT features CD quality MID and WAV rendering, WAV recording, tons of
Digital Signal Processing functions (mix, offset/maximize, fade, gate, compress, enhance, low/high/band/notch filter, ring modulation, vocoder, reverse, echo, reverb, flange, chorus, extend, cut, gated cut) and MIDI analysis/manipulation.

A Windows95 real time wave file mixer/editor. It also is RealAudio compatible and can be used to create sound mixes over the Internet. It uses an innovative interface to control the positioning of sounds in time. It comes with an informative tutorial system that helps the novice audio user get into digital sound. 


CD Players

An award winning audio CD player that is fully integrated with the CDDB Internet servers and local database of well over 13,000 CD's. EasyCD2 is small, efficient, and full featured. It even includes an integrated volume control.

After installation you assign the entry in the program-folder to the CD-ROM. If you now remove the CD, CD-Master will archive this entry and will remove to from program-folder. If you load the CD next time, CD-Master will restore the entry in the program-folder. So entries coresponding to a CD-ROM will only be available in the program-folder, if the CD is loaded.

The newest version of CD Wizzard for Windows 95. CD Wizzard is an audio CD player that includes all functions of a home CD Player and more!